Crypto Watch: What Is BURST And Why Is It Surging?

After a slight downturn yesterday, the crypto-mania is back with a vengeance. Many of the major gains we’re seeing are again flooding into altcoins, with Bitcoin now trading healthily above $15K.

One such altcoin is Burstcoin (BURST), which grabbed “Biggest % Gain” spot on Bittrex, the popular cryptocurrency exchange, yesterday. Burstcoin is the native coin of the Burst network. According to CoinGecko, BURST was trading at $0.0260 at 11:33pm PST Dec. 21. At 4:51am PST Dec. 23, that price was $0.1004-marking 4x growth. Burst is still holding onto fresh gains this morning with a current price of $0.0728 and market cap of $131M.

Burst calls itself the “green innovative cryptocurrency.” It’s a network that forked from Nxt, and its community sees blockchain technology as a revolutionary opportunity that often isn’t being fully utilized by other cryptocurrencies. It seeks to address the ” lack of decentralization, waste of energy, unfair releases, supremacy of big miners and corporations” witnessed elsewhere in the crypto world.


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