This Bitcoin ‘Expert’ Is Mining The Crypto Craze For Every Last Penny

Scads of people are anxious to learn about profitably investing in cryptocurrencies. At some point, a large fraction of those people will see an ad offering them exactly what they desire in the form of paid newsletters sold by author and entrepreneur James Altucher.

His distinctive ads have become ubiquitous virtually anywhere on the internet that cryptocurrency has been mentioned. Which is just about everywhere after several weeks of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies experiencing four-digit-percentage fluctuations.

Altucher’s mop of curly hair may ring a bell. The graphics are flamboyant enough to draw the attention of cryptocurrency savants as well as media insiders, and have provoked near-universal derision. Mashable called Altucher “the face of the Bitcoin bubble.” On Thursday, Yahoo Finance published an exposé that noted, “It’s as if Altucher has thrown in the entire infomercial playbook.”


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