Report Reveals 18% Of Investors Buy Bitcoin With Borrowed Money

Just recently the consumer group Lendedu released a report on Bitcoin investors who use credit to purchase digital currencies. According to the survey, out of 672 active Bitcoin investors polled, 18.15 percent of the participants used a credit card to fund Bitcoin purchases.

Last year’s consumer Nilson report detailed that the world’s outstanding credit card debt has accumulated to over $1 trillion and the debt continues to grow exponentially. With cryptocurrencies trending in popularity, it seems that many investors are purchasing Bitcoin on borrowed money — credit cards and loans that bear interest. The consumer survey group, Lendedu, recently published a report that details that 18.15 percent of 672 Bitcoin investors surveyed use credit to purchase their Bitcoin.

“I used a credit card to fund and purchase,” explains the individuals in the survey who bought Bitcoin in this manner.

Lendedu believes the statistics are “quite concerning” as both combined debit and credit card purchases were used by more than half (51.78%) of the respondents. The reason the metrics are concerning the consumer group is because the size of the survey was relatively small compared to the millions of cryptocurrency investors.


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