As Cryptocurrencies Flourish, Employers Hunt For Workers With Blockchain Skills

As the cryptocurrency universe grows, businesses are on the hunt for job candidates with experience in blockchain, the technology that supports popular digital tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Upwork, a freelancing firm, says blockchain is its fastest growing skill category. In the fourth quarter 2017, it had 2,200 blockchain-related job posts, up 2,194 percent from the same period one year ago, when it only had 96 posts.

“We’re seeing thousands of blockchain related jobs posted every month,” Rich Pearson, senior vice president at Upwork, told CNBC. “On average those jobs get filled about every three days.”

The job listings on Upwork vary from requests for help launching cryptocurrencies to searches for consultants to help companies understand how to build prototypes or take advantage of the blockchain technology.


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