Why Aren’t Companies Like Facebook, Amazon, And Google Doing More With Blockchain Technology?

In the last 20 years, it’s hard to think of a single revolutionary technology that Amazon, Google, Apple, or Facebook did not experiment with. Cloud technology, artificial intelligence, big data, voice assistants, augmented reality, self driving cars, machine/deep learning … all of these have been embraced (even pioneered) by these companies. But when it comes to blockchain, these firms don’t seem fazed by (or bothered with) it.

I don’t buy the argument that blockchain is just not relevant to these firms, because it’s not difficult to imagine scenarios where it could affect these companies. This article cites a few examples.

“Yes, I could absolutely imagine a decentralized Amazon,” Lubin replied. “We’ve seen the pieces. They’re not all connected to one another. They’re not all but out or remotely mature, but I could imagine an open platform of many different actors with different roles.”

The same could be done with Facebook, said Lubin, who is also founder of ConsenSys, a Brooklyn-based studio that develops Ethereum-based projects. “We could stand up a decentralized platform that offers same services.”

The silence of these companies with respect to blockchain is therefore conspicuous for sure.

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