Kenyan Man Transitions From Farmer To Cryptocurrency Miner

The word cryptocurrency has been thrown around left and right for the past couple of months. You see it on your social media timelines, in the news, and pretty much anywhere else your eyeballs glance in the digital space, but where are these cryptocurrencies coming from?

Well, there are people who work behind the scenes of all of the coins that enthusiasts are investing in and they’re called miners. Eugene Mutai, who is based in his native Kenya, set up his own mining rig and is cashing in on the creation of this digital currency.

According to CNN, Mutai previous worked as a farmer and decided to change all of that. After doing some research, Mutai quickly switched his labor-intensive job to the virtual world. “I was curious about what was making these alternative coins drive. Bitcoin was hard to mine by that point in time,” Mutai tells CNN. “There were already many Bitcoin miners. Instead, Mutai started mining Ethereum, a similar but less well-known cryptocurrency.”

Mutai, like many others, had never seen anything like this before and quickly became engulfed. It opened up his world to a brand-new opportunity to make money.


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