NEO Price Reaches $145 Despite Bearish Cryptocurrency Markets

This past week has been rather interesting for all major cryptocurrencies. Some altcoins gained value, whereas others struggled to remain stable. As far as the NEO price is concerned, things have certainly evolved in a positive direction. More specifically, the NEO price has successfully risen to over US$145. It is remarkable growth, although the big question is whether or not this momentum will remain in place.

With the cryptocurrency markets still in a volatile period, it is pretty interesting to see how some altcoins are responding to this pressure. That’s especially true when it comes to NEO, as the currency is far more resilient than most people give it credit for. It is good to note that some currencies are not as dependent on Bitcoin as others are. NEO will still be affected by any sudden Bitcoin price changes, though, but it will take a lot of pressure to undo its recent gains.


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