This Prague Cafe Only Accepts Cryptocurrency

Whether you’re getting a black coffee, buying a t-shirt, or using its coworking space, the only option to pay at the “Crypto Currency Cafe” in Prague is, well, with crypto.

James Putra, Product Strategy Leader at TradeStation and self-proclaimed blockchain fanatic, joined Cheddar from the space. He points out that the cafe, which accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin, doubles as an institute where people “can understand what’s happening” with the technology.

“I’ve met people that are novice to very hard-core crypto enthusiasts,” he said. “I’ve even met a barista that has a chip planted [in her hand] that activates her cryptocurrency wallet.”

This cafe is one of many vendors accepting crypto payments. CoinMap, incidentally also based in Prague, provides a digital map that allows users to locate options across the world.

Putra says that Europe has been particularly receptive to the digital currencies.


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