Ethereum And Stellar Join Ripple In BBVA Bank Tests

A lot of the talk in the cryptocurrency world at present is centred around Ripple. To say it’s booming would be an understatement. Today it hit an all-time high after a month of rapid growth, and it’s quickly moved into second place only behind Bitcoin in owning the largest share of the cryptocurrency market.

One of Ripple’s big selling points is its ability to function as an alternative to wire transfers and SWIFT payments for customers wishing to exchange money across borders. Not just function, but do it much faster and for a fraction of the fees. Earlier this week Ripple was ruffled by a controversy involving a former employee of the bank, BBVA. The claims, potentially damaging, were that Ripple didn’t actually work as advertised.

Today we received an official response to the claims from BBVA. As well as putting a torch to the controversy, the statements also identified that the bank was working with other cryptocurrencies. The bank specifically namedropped both Ethereum and the Hyperledger project, with the suggestion being they join Ripple in internal testing.

“BBVA is continuing to work with Ripple,” the statement from a spokesperson in the communications strategy team read, “as well as a number of others working in the blockchain sector such as Ethereum and Hyperledger, as this technology develops and builds out into new solutions.”


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