Can Litecoin Continue Its Run In 2018?

Litecoin has struggled after posting a tremendous rally in early December.

It has some advantages including being fast and well-known.

On the other hand, Litecoin is a first-generation coin with dated technology.

We feel that Litecoin is a safe bet, but that it may not have the highest returns in 2018.

Many of you have written to us to request an article covering Litecoin, which shows that there is much interest and demand out there for this cryptocurrency. It is not surprising that Litecoin has garnered this much attention. It has been around since the beginning stages of the crypto market, being introduced in 2011. For much of its history, Litecoin has been (a distant) second to Bitcoin in terms of market cap and name recognition. It is a credit to Litecoin and its following that Litecoin is still around and prospering as a top 10 coin.


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