Litecoin And All Major Cryptocurrencies On The Rise

Litecoin, what was the most highly favored altcoin going into the holiday season and 2018, seems to have hit somewhat stagnant growth. In just over a week’s time, in mid-December, the coin grew almost 150%. Since that time, however, there have been varied complications such as brief moments of struggling cryptocurrency market, large exchange transaction backups, and the CoinMarketCap fiasco.

Litecoin’s founder, Charlie Lee, just before Christmas sold all of his Litecoin claiming “conflict of interest” and received a 7,500% return on his investment. Litecoin’s blockchain once stood out among the top altcoins for its top transaction speeds and larger blocks but since has been overshadowed by newer rising altcoins that offer even faster transaction speeds with niche markets. There haven’t been many new developments on an expansion of the project but many Litecoin loyalists are in it for the long-term potential rather than the potential short gains.

Litecoin is currently selling at $236.45, up 3.4% for the day and -26% for the month.


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