Why Litecoin’s Price Will Hit $1,500 By The End Of 2018

Bitcoin is often referred to as the digital gold because of its similarities to the raw material we all know and love. Both are mined, both are scarce and both are a store of value. If there is one coin akin to a digital silver, it would have to be Litecoin.

From a technical perspective, Litecoin has evolved faster than Bitcoin. Litecoin has SegWit and lightning network fully implemented and can handle over 50 transactions per second. It’s not the fastest, but it will be faster than the five transactions Bitcoin can handle per second or the 15 transactions Ethereum can handle per second.

More coins, faster transactions and a smaller dollar value helps make the argument that Litecoin is better suited to be used as day-to-day currency. This argument becomes more apparent as Bitcoin’s value skyrockets higher and higher.

In my opinion, as Bitcoin rises up in price and as we come closer to mining Bitcoin out, we will see Bitcoin be used solely as a store of value. Bitcoin will become a cryptocurrency people hoard and lock away. There is a need for another cryptocurrency to take over as a day-to-day currency, one that people will want to use daily.

I can see Litecoin taking on that role. Litecoin is suited to become the cryptocurrency people will use to buy groceries, pay for gas and pay for movies.

I can very easily see Litecoin’s value rising rapidly in 2018. I can see Litecoin going as high as $1,500 by the end of 2018 — and even higher after that.

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